I’m a 22 year old, psych major in Houston, Texas. I work various jobs but mainly I’m a nanny to a amazing little girl. Whenever I’m not babysitting I do promo work and I’m a brand ambassador for different companies. I’m natural, 4b/4c hair type. And for the most part I’m broke! Lol but! I still manage to look fabulous. This year I have decided that I am going to spend less money on things and try and do things on my own. So, I do my own make-up with drugstore brands. I do my own sew-ins and I make my own wigs with Beauty Supply Store Hair. I attempt to do my own nails using acrylics found from ebay and Sally’s. I go thrifting on Wednesday’s and then make not so cute stuff into AMAZING outfits. Wherever I can cut corners I do, and hopefully my blog will help struggling college students like myself and my friends make it through these tough times! This blog is dedicated to my attempt to stay pretty with only a few pennies in my pocket!



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