I am good enough. I’m the total package. Hips and thighs, seductive eyes, enticing voice, good head on my shoulders, a hard worker, baby I’m a bread winner.
I am good enough I deserve the best, certainly nothing less. I envoke thought, I solicit change, I demand respect. I am the definition of “that chick”
I am good enough. I don’t require attention it’s automatically given.
I am good enough. I don’t stand on the wall, I dance on tables
Baby I can’t make it more clear, I am good enough.
Women we are good enough, we are more than enough. God made this world, men and all, he took a step back “no… wait…. something is missing” God made us women. We are the finishing touch. The cherry on the sundae, the add lib to a good song, the heels to a already dope outfit. Rain during a drought.food in a starving country. Ladies we are good enough!
Men, sweet, adorable, pathetically misguided men. I am the last touchdown in overtime. I am the last pair of jay’s in your size. I am the last Trojan in the box. I am your mama’s sunday dinner. Simply put I’m what you’ll want. Sometimes i’ll be what you need.
Regardless I am good enough. Ud women are good enough. We’re too much at that. Just keep that in mind when he treats like a side and not the main dish you are.