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I know, I know. You were all sitting at your computers hopelessy pressing the refresh button over and over again, wishing, pleading, begging whatever deity you believe in to make me post something again and your prayers did not go in vein because I’m back! This fashion savvy, penny pinching, diva is back and boy do i have some stuff to tell y’all but first things first

So nothing? Oh i know the world ceases to exist when i’m not around. I’m the shine to your day, the Ha to your laugh, the conceded blogger to your… whatever you need a conceded blogger for.

Lol but first things first I gotta tell y’all

Lmao i know! i’m so romantic you could choke! And get it it says penny and i’m you know “Miss Pretty on a Penny!”?  I really crack myself up sometimes

Anyways! Back to importance! I haven’t done any types of real blogs or video’s in almost a month! It’s ridiculous how i can let things just completely warp my mind around. While i was away from blogging i was super caught up in being the OLD me back, like the me Pre-Matt. But i realized that Kara isn’t coming back. And in a way that’s cool, That Kara didn’t put effort into her make-up, she paid a arm and a leg for her hair, she only shopped at Forever21 or wherever else everyone else she knew shopped, and she wasn’t at all as unique, genuine, or determined to be the best version of herself she could be just in case Matt was checking up on her from Heaven from time to time. This Kara here isn’t perfect either, but I’m a lot closer to being the me i wanted to be. 

So, anyways back to fun and fluffy!

I’ve made a crap ton of video’s, A lot of “Get Ready With Me” and some thrifiting video’s, a few nail tutorials, and a couple hair demo’s. I’m still trying to get this editing thing down, and I’m still having trouble with doing acrylics. But whatever. Blogging is more therapeutic to me so if nobody watches, reads, or even enjoys what i’m doing. It somehow helps me. Probably just cause i love to talk and at least this way if no one responds I can’t get mad!

So the video’s are gonna be coming! Back to Back if i can get the editing down. And then I GOTTA tell y’all about my weekend in Austin!

Y’all Excited?

Oh i know you are!


LMAO thanks for reading!


Miss Pretty on a Penny