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So I’m the queen of cheap, affordable, and frugal but they’re a few things i don’t skimp on and that’s a good pedicure!
It’s an experience getting a pedicure the massage chair rubbing you down almost sensually, the gentle caressing of your legs, the smell of acrylic in the air, hot water beating up against your toes. Many of times a good pedicure has eased my stress about bills, boys, etc. A pedicure has saved someone from a intense talking too from yours truly, and resulted in a gorgeous foot.

Although you should save money at all costs a pedicure is worth the expense. No one can tickle your footsie’s like someone else can! Yes i can remove dead skin from my feet, yes i can paint my toes in my favorite “kiss me” pink but i can’t make me giggle like Mei Lee can and I’m not ashamed to say i definitely can’t get *that* feeling like Su Chan does when she gets to rubbing the middle of my feet.
If i had a man willing to get down and dirty and play around with my toes I’d toss Mr. Kim to the side but at the moment he’s the only man willing to go there.

So women if your man ain’t doing it for you, by doing it I mean a foot massage i suggest you roll on down to your local nail salon and experience true Euphoria.

And men you know us women aren’t trying to touch those sand boards you can feet so go on down and let one of those concubine women show you how to really get that feeling only a good pedicure can supply.

I will say this you don’t have to spend a lot to achieve pretty toes. Some of the best salons I’ve ever been to where in the hood and cost me 15 to 2o dollars. The places that cost 6o-8o dollars weren’t really working for their tips like the hood chicks were…. That’s just a little tip to store away.

But anyways y’all have a good day! I definitely am!