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I came to school early and now I have 20 minutes before class starts so I’m gonna play a game of: Things I Wonder…

I’m a great gamer maker-upper so this will be tons of fun, and when I’m done y’all can get in on the fun too! Leave a comment with things you wonder.

It goes like this: Things you wonder, just a statement. No explanation no back story just things you wonder… Lol then we can see how random, freaky, or curious we all are

Here I go. Things I Wonder:

-I wonder how many couples break up during football/basketball season

-I wonder, when I’m at a restaurant, how many couples are actually cheating on their significant others with each other

-I wonder why I never see dogs/cats/birds/basic animals doing it but they always seem to have offspring

-I wonder what men think when they put on clothes in the morning

-I wonder how many guys look back at my butt when I pass them in the halls

-I wonder why professors are so comfortable in front of a class but are nerdy/geeks in real life

-I wonder if sometimes when I’m on my laptop if someone is looking at me through my webcam without my knowledge

-I wonder how many actors from action movies try those stunts in real life

-I wonder how many pictures I’m in on Facebook but like in the background and I’m not tagged cause we don’t know each other

-I wonder at what age do you no longer become sexually aroused

-I wonder how many times I’m thought of by other people during the day

-I wonder how many people actually sat through and read all this foolishness!

lmao so that’s it. I think that’s a decent amount of I wonder’s and y’all go the gest of what is expected of yourself so go ahead:

What do you wonder?!