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Lol y’all are welcome for that! But that’s not what i wanted to tell y’all. I have a CRUSH!


I know y’all are extra excited!

But before i get into my crush, I’m gonna give y’all a little backstory! Now who’s really excited for this part?!


I know you all are!!!!!!!

Okay my backstory, When it comes to crushes I can be a little crazy…. And i know what you’re thinking, “Crazy how Kara?”



Lmao okay that’s enough! Crazy like… When i see a guy i think is attractive in the hallway or at the grocery store or something i’ll start planning our relationship together… Lol and don’t let me see you more than once I’ll be like, “Yep *nodds*…. God definitely wants us to be together” Lmao when i say it out loud it sounds crazier than it actually is. But okay that’s not the point.

Whenever i see a guy i want do this whole obsess over him without even knowing his name thing and it actually works in my getting the guy, again I get the guy without saying ANYTHING to him… I’m shy. Lol. But somehow just the power of desire gets the guy, or maybe if you stare at the long enough somehow they’ll feel a sense intrigue rather than fear and than approach me but in any case i get them! But after all that, the guy NEVER turns out to be who i thoughtImage

In one particular instance I fell in absolute love with this one young man that i knew was a deep philosophical thinker. And the way he walked I can’t explain it well enough to give it justice but he was just so cool to me! He wore his sunglasses inside and he always rolled his pants legs up like highwaters (I think that’s what they’re called) Anyways i thought he was the coolest thing since sliced ham, the bee’s knee’s!



I just wanted to know him, but of course i was too shy to just walk up and introduce myself! My roommate at the time was like “he’s the lamest kid i have ever seen, he looks like Urkel in the middle of a transformation to Stephon behind the scenes”. But i didn’t see it! I saw Stephon all day, like without talking to him i just knew in my heart he was different! So somehow or another we started sharing eye contact, causally waving hello, and saying hi when we would pass each other in the hallway. After months of that there was still no real conversation, until one day I was sitting down with my friends and he came and sat a paper machete chihuahua/donkey looking thing on my table, looking at it now it’s not that cute but at the time i was so excited! He didn’t even say anything when he sat it down he just looked me in my eyes handed it to me and walked off! Like it was just so…. AMAZING, SO COOL SO much like… Idk! I was just so astonished that one person could contain so much swag!


lmao. A few days after that we exchanged numbers, talked and i realized he wasn’t cool at all. He was cocky, always high, and not at all what i wanted. Long story short i moved on!

So i see a guy, i fantasize about the guy until i get him, i plan our futures together, me and the man i never met or talked to. My friends threaten to have me committed, and then if i do get the guy i play super hard to get! that’s my little routine.

Well there was the backstory so now to my main point!

I HAVE A CRUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I first spotted my future husband, but we’ll just call him my new boo for short lol in my class. He came in sat behind me and when i saw his dreads I instantly started picking out bridesmaids dresses and colors in my head. He didn’t say anything to me but i did ask him for the time because my phone died, and that is a HUGE step for me! *Pats myself on the back*. After class was over i was a little disappointed but i thought “Hey i have the whole semester”. Wednesday I realized we didn’t have just ONE class together but we had two! What are the odds? It was basically God saying “Yes Kara I made this one just for you… Enjoy.” But of course we still haven’t talked right? In the second class together we were paired in a group, and that was God saying “Check him out, How’d I do?” and of course i responded “God you outdid yourself this time!” Me and my new boo spoke a little bit but nothing major but the real climax of this story happened today! I sent a mass email to everyone in one of my classes because there is assignment due and i don’t have the book. Out of all 40 people, ONLY HIM REPLIED! I know right?!?! He must want me too?! He offered to let me use his book. After class he chased me down and


so we can meet so i can get the book from him.


Of course he could be gay, or have a chick, or have a fake leg, or maybe not at all interested in me and he’s just trying to be helpful. But maybe he looks at me and is like “Yeah… I want that one!”


In any case I told myself i was going to bust out of my shell this year and do what i want, get what i want, and live my life the way i want. So i gotta stop being passive with men and take charge, if he says no I’m sure I’ll start obsessing about the guy coming around the corner!

So….Aren’t y’all excited for me?!?!?!

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This is my excited face btw!