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Snapshot_20130831_3So after 8 grueling hours i finally finished braiding my hair! I’ve been wearing my fro and wigs since May and with classes and working A MILLION jobs i really needed something pretty fast and simple.

I did some pretty long box braids with hair i purchased at my beauty supply store. The hair was yaki kaneklon and cost $1.00 a bag and i got 4 of them in 1b and 1b/44 to add some highlights lol.

I moisturized my hair with a mixture of various oils and I also put the oil on the braiding hair to help it not tangle so much. The one thing I hate about this kinda of hair is the tangling it does. But for $1 what can you expect really? If you are a first time to doing box braids are using that type of hair just buy a extra bag more than what you think you need just in case you mess a bunch of it up from it tangling.

I burnt the ends and the hair is pretty long. It’ll last hopefully until the end of October but there’s a good chance i’ll take it down sooner just in case i get tired of them…



Lol i’m so used to changing my hair styles up I don’t know what to do with only have one style for awhile.

But anyways, That’s my 5 dollar hair style!If you have any questions or want a tutorial on how i achieved my $5 look let me know. And of course thank you for checking out my blog! Oh and sorry about how mmy boobs are all in the picture I just got off work and i didn’t have the energy to change!