Okay! I know i was on here the other day talking about how I wanted, no NEEDED A man, how my life would never be complete until i had myself a man, and baby. Then i got on facebook saw all these marriage pictures, and baby pictures and i was like… “I’m only 22, wth was i thinking?!”

I’ve always made fun of my mom for waiting centuries to get married and have a kid but i get it now. She didn’t want a ball and chain, and a whining kid, She wanted to shake her tail in the club, drink like there was no tomorrow, get home at foreday in the morning go to bed and then do it again the next day. And shot, I wanna do that too! I’m not old! I’m 22, yea my bones might be a LITTLE achy when i wake up the morning but that’s just the price you pay when you were out dancing all night long.

All this time I’ve spent searching for this fiance I need to be in the club getting it in before I’m too old to do it. And when i get old then I can settle down, get the man, the whiny kids, and all that like my mama did.

So!  No! I’m gonna enjoy my single-ness and childless-ness. I don’t have to answer to ANYONE. Whenever i wipe a baby’s butt I get paid for it! I can go wherever i want, flirt with whomever I want, and I don’t get in nearly as many arguments as i do when i have a man, or i’m with a child…

LOL moral of the story I have been TRIPPIN’ I’m finna enjoy my twenties until they are all done for, and then I’ll find me a nice man to settle down with, hopefully he’ll be rich, maybe a little older… too tired to wanna go out….. and can cook!