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Because I’m a professional college student today is my 5th first day of college…

Lol i hate to be one of those old bitter people, but it really is cute to see those Lil fishy’s in their Sundays best really trying to impress their fellow students. Little do they know they needa be worried about impressing their professors cause them short skirts and sagging jeans won’t get them anything but a bad reputation and academic probation.

I feel like I’ve done and seen most of the things done at school, i could probably write a book, but none of that is important now. Number one priority from this point on is to achieve the 4.0 gpa i should’ve gotten years ago, but instead i just HAD to attend every party that was thrown, every decorating for the party party, every let’s have a party to plan what kinda party we gonna throw party…. LOL surprisingly no one threw a study party! But not this year no more partying for me…. Well no partying sunday-wednesday…. Can’t cut it all out, don’t wanna go too crazy.

So of course in effort to be on team #4.0gpa i woke up 2 hours before class, i put my books and clothes out last night and i was ready! —–>fast forward to getting to campus 5 minutes before class because of the rain, waiting for forever for the bus, going to the wrong building, and completely missing my 10 o’clock class….

Lol but that’s okay, i may have started off rocky but i will graduate in December… Or maybe May…. Lmao but that’s not important, as long as it happens before 2015!