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My Mother is an AMAZING jeweler… But idk if a jeweler is the person that makes jewelry or sells it. In this case she’s doing both so i assume the name applies regardless… But i digress… lol y’all know i get side tracked!

Anyways! She is now selling her masterpieces. She makes custom necklaces, earrings, and bracelets…. I could be lying about the bracelet thing, but why wouldn’t you make bracelet’s if you call yourself a jeweler… Which i just made her be.

Lmao jeez i am so off track today! So she is making custom jewelry and I have decided that she is so good at it that she should start selling it. So! I will be posting pictures of the pieces she has made, if you like it, let me know and i’ll give you my email! And we’ll get this online business started.

Women you’ll love her work, and men if you messed up with your woman nothing says “i love you baby” more than a custom made necklace by a old retired woman…. Lmao she’s not that old but if you spin it like that you’re lady won’t be mad you didn’t walk in with something from Tiffany’s…. and She’ll forget she was mad at you for messing with a chick named Tiffany… See I just saved your whole relationship and all it took was buying a necklace!

In addition I have decided that she is taking custom orders for her jewelry so if you want something in a particular design with specific colors we can do that too! Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets.

They’re made with love, beautiful beads, and whatever else is a selling point to you.

I’m not that great with marketing… But i think her work will speak for itself! So Get em’ while they are hot! *That might not pertain to jewelry but i feel like it should*

On another note I actually lied, I’m great at marketing! When I was little i could sell any and everything! Once i took some pens wrapped some colorful string around them and sold those puppies for $1.50. Another time my dad took me to Sam’s Club we stocked up on candy bars and skittles and i sold them at school for .75 cents until the principal shut down my operation. But i still made about $60, which was a $45 profit! A whole other time I went to walmart stocked up on those little felt sheets that cost like .15 cents, i took some string and a sewing machine and made them into little purses. I sold those babies for $5!

I used to be a selling machine! lmao that was my little walk down memory lane. Thanks for taking the stroll with me

And Ask me about my jewelry