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My mama told me! “To tell you, “To mind your D*** M*****F**** Business B****” *In my Kevin Hart Voice*

LMAO! Sorry had a Kevin Hart moment! Who by the way happens to be one of my favortie comedians and I still havent seen his new movie 😦 Anyone wanna take me…. Just let me know!

But anyways on a more relevant note, my mama did tell me that if I’m really serious about this blogging thing that I need to upload blogs much more frequently. And because school hasn’t started yet (but i only have another week) i feel as if that can be done… But i realized last night how much work editing tutorials is! So… Idk if i’m do that every day.

However! I will definitely be able to bless every one with my lovely face and intuitive words of wisdom… Lmao because I’m awesome.. Tell your friends… And ask them to follow me *Insert more shameless self promotion of myself*.

On another another another note, I’ve decided to those that are interested that my day to day life is pretty hilarious, as pointed out to me by my parents who had the best laugh of their life while i was telling them about my friends and their lives as seen through my eyes. So! Instead of the weekly scripts which apparently did not go over too well I will post the good advice I give to my friends, as a Clinical Psychologist in the makings, and in turn it will help a lost soul on the path to promiscuity, financial woes, and major outfit don’ts. So… You’re welcome.

LMAO I don’t know about y’all but I am cracking myself up this morning/afternoon… And to think I’m this funny and i didn’t even go to sleep yet!

Well i believe that is all! Keep liking, and commenting, it’s my daily confidence boost!