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The longer my hair gets the more work it takes. My hair is ridiculously thick on top of being coarse. From March to April i rocked some Poetic Justice Box Braids. Then I took them out and did wigs and wore my fro but now I think it’s about time to go back to the braids. School is starting and I have a lot of events I’m working in the months coming up and I’ve been straightening my hair to wear wigs for the promo stuff I do because the Fro just isn’t as widely accepted as I would hope… So in a order not to conform to society and just perm it, but to still fit into the “mold” I think I’m gonna throw some braids in my hair… At least until the end of September when things slow down a little and I have more time to twist my hair ever night and so on. But do I want box braids or yarn braids? I could use some suggestions! Either way I’ll upload a video on the process in a few days! And later I’m going to day a complete drugstore make-up tutorial for everyday looks!