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So I tried to make a video, but the editing process took longer than I expected so I’ll upload it later. Now back to me! Lol

I’m Kara. I’m a 22 year old psychology major, I’m a senior. I work as a nanny and then I do odd jobs. Basically whatever I can do with make ends meet short of selling my body… (Lol thank God times have not gotten that tough…yet) But these odd jobs I do are mostly promo work and such so looking good is a huge factor.

I made this blog in the hopes of moving up to a youtube channel. The point of this blog, sorry if I’m ramble, I definitely do that a lot. But anyways the point of this blog is to show women like me, or men…Whatever I don’t judge, how to look fabulous without spending a ridiculous amount of money, I.E. Balling on a Budget, Shopping on a dime, or of course staying “Pretty on a Penny” Lol get it? It’s my blogs name?!

Lol I know I’m corny. Like I said this blog is kind of a tutorial for people that want to look like beyonc’e but they’re on a Michelle Budget (And no offense to Michelle, she has a lot more money than me, but I’m trying to make a point).

——- The things I hope to do tutorial’s on are how to maintain natural hair. I’m a 4b/4c hair type and I haven’t had a perm in about 4 or 5 years. I did the big chop about three years ago and since then I’m tried to stay away from any sulfates, and I use as many natural products as I can. I make a lot of homemade hair care products as well.

——- I thrift on Wednesday’s and I plan to make video’s on what I purchased and how i made it look fabulous

——- I make my own wigs and i also wear lace front wigs so I will do tutorials on how to blend nappy hair like mine because there really is a art in making you’re own hair undetectable…lol if it’s course like mine at least.

——- I also hope to make in depth video’s on how I do my make-up being that I am a dark skinned girl and I use drugstore products that actually do work very well

——- Lastly I love to write, I love to ramble, and I love to express my opinion on all types of things, whether it be the Trayvon Martin Case, the Stevie J, Mimi, and Joseline love triangle, or the fact that as a black women in 2013 I still have to mix my foundations because they line for “ethic women” isn’t as diverse as I feel it should. I’m gonna talk about it all!

All and All nothing I do, say, wear, talk about is unlike anyone else, but I put my own spin on it. Hopefully you enjoy it!